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Nikki Carson 

                          Artist . Mother .  Nature Lover .  Print Maker 


"Art is home to which I always return to. A place of peace and bliss inspired by the natural world. My brush is my escape to a flowing dance of color and light. Gaining insight from within' and projecting out onto The Crafted Canvas."

      Nikki has always had a deep passion for art and photography.                            Starting with drawing from a young age and shifting into oil painting once her daughter was born. As a self taught artist, she is inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us and paints mainly in the realm of flora and fauna.

She has mastered a technique with her painting that results in a smooth, matte finish and brings a touch of tranquility to the viewer.


       Recently, she has made her debut at local markets and festivals with her

vibrant booth 'The Crafted Canvas'. You can catch her at events displaying her artwork, doing live art and offering artistic airbrush face painting! 

She has also started recreating her artwork on greeting cards and paper prints and is learning the trade of printmaking in her home studio. 



Sacramento, CA

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